Handmade, Organic cook and tableware

February 2007 marks the launch of La Chamba Imports, the exciting new import company owned by Carolina Wheeler. This debut is the result of the dreams, enthusiastic passion for fine cooking and the determined ambition of Carolina with the absolute support of her husband Simon.

Five years ago I arrived in the UK with my two children to make a new start in life with my English husband. In my country of origin, Colombia , we were accustomed to using traditional handmade cookware, so when I came to the UK of course I brought some of it with me to use. When my husband first saw it he was very impressed by the versatility, elegant appearance and ease of use. This gave us an idea…

For many years I have been involved in retail sales and have often thought that it would be excellent to build and manage my own business. I felt that not only did I want to be successful but that I wanted to be able to give something back to the community from where the product originates. Now that I am based in the UK , so far away from my own home, the desire to be successful for the sake of my family's future, as well as for the needs of my own country, has been growing constantly. Gradually, after much planning and various avenues being explored along the way, we believe we are finally on the right track to building our dream. Hopefully it will provide as much satisfaction for our customers as it has for us.

In this fast-paced, high-pressure world, there comes a point when one must take some time out to really consider the best approach to running a business. La Chamba Imports is a company that is prepared to apply its best efforts for the community in Colombia ; of course for its own sucessful development and for the decerning public in the UK and Europe . Our company will be importing a beautiful handmade product that for centuries has been produced by the indigenous inhabitants of Colombia - a nation with a varied and rich culture from which all can learn something. For many generations the Pijaos Indians have devoted their lives to the production and perfection of this excellent range of ceramic kitchen and tableware. The product is particularily unique as each item is individually created by hand with true craftsmanship. No modern production machinery is used, not even a potters wheel.

One of the primary aims of the company is to provide our customers with an attractive, practical and elegant piece of art, backed by a long history and fascinating culture that not many people know about. Additionally, this approach contributes to the economy of Colombia , generating income for the local artisans.